Black Swan – Intense Viewing !!

I had heard a lot about ‘Black Swan’ the film by Darren Arfonsky starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. I had heard that it was about ballet dancing and had brilliant acting mostly on part of Portman. I managed to procure the movie.

The movie is an ode to the world of Ballet dancing and ballet dancers. It shows the intense struggle and hard work the ballet dancers go through to achieve the perfect swirl ,the perfect step all in quest of getting the perfect ovation from the crowd.

The story is about a fictional New York Ballet Troupe and its leading stars. Natalie Portman plays Nina the perfect dancer. Butthe Ballet Director played by Vincent Cassel thinks that although she has mastered the steps of ballet she doesnt feel them, she had to learn to let it go and enjoy the feeling from within. The ballet is about the White Swan/ Black Swan where Nina is perfect as the virginal pure and dedicated White Swan but she has yet to master the flirtatious, seductive dance of the Black Swan. Mila Kunis plays Lily who is at ease with her dance and her life and her sexuality and is perfectly suitable for the Black Swan’s character.  Natalie Portman’s Nina is like that because of her own psychological trappings and a dominating mother and her single point obsession of becoming the swan queen. She hallucinates at times and the black swan within her is struggling to come out of her. The movie is about how Natalie Portman struggles with her own self and her fears and barriers created by her own mind to achieve the perfect dance, the dance of a black swan. She sacrifices her own self, her own white swan body in doing so.

The movie can be described as a psychological horror as well apart from a perfect story of discovering the inner self set in an intense world of Ballet Dancing. The dancing, the music and choreography is perfect and you actually enjoy the swirls and furls of ballet dancing while watching it, this coming from a non-dancer is a big statement. Natalie Portman is not only just beautiful but also brilliant in her intense portrayl of the role and is a sure shot for the Oscar Award for the Best Actress. Mila Kunis is her opposite is also wonderful so is Vincent Cassel as the ballet director. Winona Ryder as the ageing Beth is almost not noticed. The film is all about intense acting from Natalie and her ballet skills.

My knowledge of films and its deep metaphors is restricted and I would not be able to comment any further on this film however I would surely recommend this film to lovers of serious cinema, serious acting and especially for people interested in the world of ballet dancing.

My Ratings : 8/10 – For serious cinema lovers and fans of Ballet and Natalie Portman only