Up in the Air – for the vagabond in you…

Finally managed to catch the movie ‘Up in the Air’ this weekend. A ‘delightful movie’ to summarize in one sentence.

Here’s a snapshot of the movie. The movie stars George Clooney as Ryan Bingham who travels across America, from one company to another, firing people. Thats his job, to downsize people. He is a loner, a vagabond, a person who calls airports as his home, travels with almost zero luggage – both in reality and metaphorically. He meets another  ‘corporate traveler’ Vera Farmiga as Alex, who is just like him. They instantly bond together and start meeting as and when their busy schedules permit.

His life changes when Anna Kendrick’s character Natalie comes up with a solution which makes his job redundant, where he could fire employees across USA, right there sitting in his office, using the Internet.

He takes Natalie on a training trip with him, criss-crossing USA. This is when he realizes the impotence of having family, having a home, friends and relatives and decides to have a ‘relationship’ with Alex, who it turns out has a big secret of her own. The end is quite different from what you expect.

No one else but George Clooney could have done the role. It seems that the role is written solely for him. Vera Farmiga as Alex and Anna Kendrick as Natalie are perfectly cast too. Chemistry between the lead stars has to be seen to be believed. George Clooney as super cool, suave Ryan Bingham has to be one of the best casting in a film ever.

The movie is brilliantly shot and directed by Jason Reitman. The movie has a polished, mature look to it. From the busy airport checkins to the plush hotel rooms, to various companies to the corporate boardroom, the movie gives a very posh look. The movie is light romantic as well as satirical comic. The director has included interviews of people who have lost jobs in real in recent downsizing across USA. The movie gives you a very true picture of corporate America.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who hasnt seen it. I just regret why I didnt watch this movie earlier on big screen.

My Ratings: 9/10 –  Go fly with it..