Why Oscars were big fail ?

Oscars are an annual party to reward the best of the Hollywood cinema. It is a glitzy affair featuring biggest of stars and Hollywood big shots walking down the red carpet. The nominations itself are much hyped about a month back and then the actual award ceremony is one of the biggest event ever and highly covered by television networks.

This year the Academy decided to take a chance by giving the prestigious job of hosting to two young stars James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Both big stars in their own way as Oscars wanted to attract the ‘younger demographic’ as they say. But the efforts of James Franco and Anne Hathaway fell largely flat, their jokes were simply amateurish, the drama was like a school play and they were generally off-key. They were so unbearable at times that moment Billy Crystal or Oprah Winfrey came on stage people were hoping that they would take over the hosting. The line ‘Sajid Khan would have done a better job’ says it all.

The ceremony itself felt long and boring with nothing exciting happening for long period of time. Most of the awards were a no-contest and were almost decided long back. There were hardly any surprises there too and whatever surprises were there, they were more like a shock. The Box office successes are very rarely rewarded by the Oscars and mostly the drams and tragedies win the bigger prizes and this year the case remained the same. ‘Inception’ , people’s favorite and box office conquerer was largely ignored in bigger categories and it was awarded the technical awards mostly to compensate for that. Most people expected ‘The Social Network’ to win one of the bigger award that of best film or best actor or best director but it didn’t win any of those. Toy story 3 was suppose to win the best animated film award even before the nominations were announced.

Thus there were hardly anything worth looking forward to. There were no controversies either, with the trouble brewing in the Arab world we expected lot more Political statements as well from the nominated big-wigs and winners but there were hardly any interesting speeches. There was no wardrobe-malfunction either  🙂

All in all it was a dull and boring award ceremony. Hopefully next year we’ll have better hosts and more deserving films would win.

The Social Network – Become a Fan !!

Anyone who’s reading this review has a Facebook account,  well almost. Most of you would be aware  of what Facebook is and how it has changed our lives , at least a part of it in last few years. What started as a simple site about matching profiles and finding the ‘hottest’ girl on Harvard Campus has become a huge Internet giant with an approximate membership of over 500 Million people. If facebook were a country then its population would be 3rd behind China and India. Need I say more.

The Social Network is a movie based on the book ‘Accidental Billionaires’  (Here’s Link to my Review) written by Ben Mezrich. The story covers the life of young Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Sevrin and how a simple college project became a worldwide phenomenon. It of course tells the story from the ‘other’ side i.e. not from Mark’s perspective but from Eduardo’s perspective who not only feels cheated by Mark but filed lawsuit against Mark to get what he claimed was due to him. Zuckerberg at age of 25 is the youngest billionaire in the world today and his meteoric rise thanks to a ‘project of vengeance’ is remarkably shown but as they say every rose comes with a thorns.

The movie by David Fincher is a masterpiece in art of storytelling, brilliant script,  witty dialogues, excellent acting by the leads and even supporting cast. The movie is an interesting exploration of the events that has led up to the most influential invention of today’s generation.  The movie lets the user decide on which side they are, it makes the user think. Mark’s character is shown to be arrogant and nerdy and introvert and eccentric genius and selfish at times yet its in a way sad and sympathetic. The character of Mark is shown in such a way that you feel sorry for the guy and angry at him at the same time.Mark Zuckerberg in spite of making a tool to involve 500 Million people is still a loner in the end of the movie and the last scene where he tried to befriend his ex-girlfriend makes you feel sad for the guy who has everything in the world at his feet but doesn’t have a friend to share it with.

Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg gives an Oscar worthy performance and Andrew Garfield as Eduardo matches him. Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (of Napster fame) is excellent and watchout for Rooney Mara ( linked to the Millenium Series movies) as Erica Albright in a brief role.

The only minor issue with the film is that its highly talkative and fast moving with several flashbacks which unless you are familiar with the story or have read the book is at times difficult to follow. The film has some real witty dialogues  and  jokes but they are more relevant to an American audience than the Indian audience. Sadly, the film is not surprisingly running to empty houses as Indian audiences are not used to watching quality Hollywood cinema and prefer action and CGI effects to a real story !!

My Ratings :  8.5/10 –  Drop everything and watch this gem and Answer this – Would you add Mark Zuckerberg as your friend on Facebook?

Facebook Movie Trailer – Interesting !!

I have read the book ‘Accidental Billionaires’ by Ben Mezrich, based on which now the movie is being made. The trailer looks interesting and it looks like the movie will follow the book more or less.

Here is the the theatrical trailer

Here is my Book Review of Accidental Billionaires