The Waiting Room – Thriller that no one saw

In January 2010, a film called ‘The Waiting Room’ was released perhaps in few screens across few metros.  It was really a very small film directed by Maneej Premnath who had once assisted Ramgopal Verma. The movie starred mostly unknow artists including the lead Raj Singh Chaudhary who had done lead role in  ‘Gulaal’ earlier. The movie was badly managed by its producers and didnt even get a proper release. I think even IMDB does not mention it.

The movie is a suspense thriller set in a small town Railway Station in Southern India called Tenamalai. There are about 4-5 characters who are waiting in the Railway waiting room for a train which is heavily delayed. There is a serial killer on the prowl and of course there is general fear in each characters about the other characters. The film works on the principle that fear is what drives most people to behave irrationally. Being a low budget movie it does have its limitations and is not technically brilliant but the plot is very interesting and the actors have acted superbly, especially Raj Singh Chaudhary. Sandeep Kulkarni and Pratiksha Lonkar plays the Gujarati couple and Radhika Apte plays the lonely girl.

The atmosphere of the waiting room and the station is superbly captured. Although the suspense is not very smart though as there are not too many characters it is quite easy to guess things. The director also seems to be in a terrible hurry in the last 10 minutes or so to finish the film, maybe he ran out of the limited budget.

The film was hardly noticed by anybody when it released and hardly anyone watched it or reviewed it. I watched the 90  minute movie on Youtube and I must say I was impressed by most of it, barring the hurried end. I wish such movies did get marketed and released properly.

I would surely recommend this movie to people who love offbeat suspense thrillers although not very arty kind of films.

My Ratings: 7/10 –  Watch it if you like Suspense thrillers and Good acting.