Rio – For the Kids…

Animated movies have been revolutionized since Pixar and 3d and advancement in technology. Rio is the latest animated movie coming out of Fox studios. It is the movie from the creators of Ice Age and its sequels and is directed by the same director Carlos Saldhana. Carlos who hails from Brazil has not left any stone unturned in showcasing his native land, its people and its culture.

Rio is actually about a rare species of Blue Macaws. Blu ( voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) is a clever blue macaw domesticated in Minnesota and has lived all his life with humans, has never seen a jungle other than books  and loves his cage. But Blu is the last of the male of its species with last of the female Jewel (voiced by Anne Hathway) in Rio,  Brazil. The story is about Blue visiting Jewel in Rio amongst the beautiful surroundings of the city Rio. The pair of Macaws meet, fight, run away, get captured by bird theives and rescued by their wonderful friends and helped by many other friendly animals and birds. The story shows every aspect of Rio’s culture, its samba dances, bike ride through its narrow bylanes, its sunny beaches, its trams and mountain peaks and adventurous people paragliding around the Jesus Christ the Redeemer Statue, some rogue guys, bird-thieves, beautiful rain forest wildlife and in the end the extravaganza of the Carnival. The movie is set to superbly crafted rhythms and is as colorful as any movie can be. The aerial sequences and dances are worth the ticket price and the overall animation is top-notch. Rio is surely a magical place and made me feel like visiting it more after watching the movie.

The movie is an enjoyable ride for the kids of all ages and although the emotional quotient is not on par with many Pixar films but it is never dull or boring at any point either. The characters are all lovable. Some of the jokes are suitable for grown up audience although none being adult in nature. Get some kids along when you watch this. It is best watched in a large movie hall full of squeaking and screaming children.

My Ratings –  7/10 for the movie and 8/10 for colorful animation and superb voice overs by the leads.

Cars 2 Trailer – The film I am eagerly awaiting

I am a die-hard fan of most Disney-Pixar movies beginning from Toy Story and Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. and last years’s Up. But one film which I consider closest to me is ‘Cars’. It is THE favorite movie of not only me but even my full family and we have watched it at least 40-50 times!! Yes its true. We know the story frame-by-frame. The characters of Lightening Mcqueen and Mater are two of my all time favorite characters.

When plans to create a sequel to Cars was announced few years back, I was bit sceptical to be honest. I was worried about Pixar creating a sequel for the sake of it and perhaps ruining the characters. I considered the original Cars movie as PERFECT and I could not imagine how they could imrpove upon it and better it.

I have seen teasers for the sequel to be rleased in June 2011 and today saw the first trailer where the plot is expanded to cover the entire world and there is a spy mystery angle thrown in it. There are new characters and cars and good old Mcqueen and Mater. Going by the promo it looks that all my worries about the sequel will not be true and it would turn out to be even greater film then the original. Fingers crossed.

Till then.. watch the trailer of Cars 2