Blind Side is a good Tackle

‘The Blind Side’ did for Sandra Bullock, what Erin Brockovich did to Julia Roberts, it won her an Academy Award. The movie is a sports dram adapted from the book by the same name and is a story of Micheal Oher, the offensive tackle for NFL team Baltimore Ravens. The story follows the life of ‘Big Mike’, as he is called, from the streets of  Memphis, Tennessee who is then adopted by Leigh Anne Tuohy, played in the film by Sandra Bullock. He is admitted to Christian School and then guided to become a leading college football prospect. Her family treats him as one of their own and they hire a tutor to improve his academic performance so that he can qualify for Football Scholarship. He opts for University of Mississippi and shown to enter the college football arena. The film ends with him being selected by the Baltimore Ravnens in the NFL draft 2009 as their Offensive Tackle. He is also shown to be graduating from the college.

This story is a rags-to-riches story set in the sports world and specifically American College Football and NFL.Real life stories with sports background are always special to read about and see on screen. The movie has lot of Football action which are fun to see. The film overall is a decent watch and people who love sports dramas and American version of football will surely appreciate the film.

The movie was initially offered to Julia Roberts, who turned down the role and Sandra Bullock grabbed it by both hands. Acting by Sandra Bullock is top notch and also by Quinton Aaron who plays Micheal Oher in the film, although I personally dont think that Sandra Bullock deserved an Oscar for this role. Her role as the caring ‘mother’ and guardian of Big Mike was not much complex and quite a straight forward to handle.

The movie is surely one of the better sports drama to come out of Hollywood in recent times.

My Ratings: 6/10 –  Do watch it for the nice sports dram, fast football action and decent acting.