Destination Diveagar

Location: Diveagar ,  District Raigad, Konkan , Maharashtra.

Diveagar is a small fishing village located on the Konkan Coast on the Arabian sea located in Raigad District, about 5 hours drive out of Mumbai city. It has some of the most unexplored beaches as its really a small fishing post untouched by commercialism and normal touristy traffic. In fact not many people seem to be aware of such a place, at least from the people I know. Of course there are two sides to every thing. Being a non-touristy place also has its problems as well and good things too.

The place has minimal infrastructure and very few hotels. The people staying there mostly accommodate tourists. Restaurants barely exist and Genuine Maharashtrian food is the only option to eat there. Being in Maharashtra it also has issues of frequent power cuts and cell phone signals were weak or non-existent. It is really a place in middle of nowhere yet just a few hours drive away from Mumbai city.

Good things are quite a few as well. It has some of the most beautiful and virgin beaches in this part of the nation. The beach instantly remind you of the beaches in North Goa with perhaps 1% of the crowd that is present on a normal Goa beach.  The water was warm and waves were soft but it was astill soothing in the kind of weather we went there. The beach was long and never ending with green vegetation all around.

For nature lovers its a mini-paradise with coconut trees lining the beach and all kinds of ‘vadis’ producing fruits all around. With Minimal pollution and barely there streetlights the place is also an Astronomer’s delight at the night. The place is really good if you just want to laze on the beach, read a book and forget the world around you. ( weak cellphone signals help).

We went in April, which is Not a good season to be there though with harsh sun beating down and temperatures in mid 30s, not to forget frequent power cuts. Ideally winter should be the season for any such place. I would recommend this place to nature lovers, adventure lovers and beachbums.

How to Reach: Its about 170 Kms from Mumbai and Pune is also the same distance away. From Mumbai you can take the Panvel bypass and then the Mumbai-Goa road till you reach Mangaon. From Mangaon you take the right turn towards Morba Ghat to Mhasala and the further from Mhasala you take the road towards Diveagar. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach. Nearby places include Shriwardhan and Harihareshwar – both places also have wonderful beaches. The road from Pune via Mulshi Dam is hilly and not so good. That road makes you reach Mangaon on Mumbai-Goa road.

What to Do: Nothing. Laze around on beach, enjoy nature, bask in the sun, enjoy the arabian sea, walk on the beach, watch stars in the night. There is a Golden Ganesh temple in the place which every tourist visits

Best Season to go: Winter – November to February,

Clothes: Beachware,  Cotton

Where to Stay: Very few hotels and guest houses around, most with minimum basic facilities. Stay in a Hotel/ Resort with Generator backup.