Why Oscars were big fail ?

Oscars are an annual party to reward the best of the Hollywood cinema. It is a glitzy affair featuring biggest of stars and Hollywood big shots walking down the red carpet. The nominations itself are much hyped about a month back and then the actual award ceremony is one of the biggest event ever and highly covered by television networks.

This year the Academy decided to take a chance by giving the prestigious job of hosting to two young stars James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Both big stars in their own way as Oscars wanted to attract the ‘younger demographic’ as they say. But the efforts of James Franco and Anne Hathaway fell largely flat, their jokes were simply amateurish, the drama was like a school play and they were generally off-key. They were so unbearable at times that moment Billy Crystal or Oprah Winfrey came on stage people were hoping that they would take over the hosting. The line ‘Sajid Khan would have done a better job’ says it all.

The ceremony itself felt long and boring with nothing exciting happening for long period of time. Most of the awards were a no-contest and were almost decided long back. There were hardly any surprises there too and whatever surprises were there, they were more like a shock. The Box office successes are very rarely rewarded by the Oscars and mostly the drams and tragedies win the bigger prizes and this year the case remained the same. ‘Inception’ , people’s favorite and box office conquerer was largely ignored in bigger categories and it was awarded the technical awards mostly to compensate for that. Most people expected ‘The Social Network’ to win one of the bigger award that of best film or best actor or best director but it didn’t win any of those. Toy story 3 was suppose to win the best animated film award even before the nominations were announced.

Thus there were hardly anything worth looking forward to. There were no controversies either, with the trouble brewing in the Arab world we expected lot more Political statements as well from the nominated big-wigs and winners but there were hardly any interesting speeches. There was no wardrobe-malfunction either  🙂

All in all it was a dull and boring award ceremony. Hopefully next year we’ll have better hosts and more deserving films would win.

127 Hours – What a Legend !!

127 Hours by Danny Boyle starring James Franco is an experience you should not miss it at any cost.

The above line could summarize my entire review of the film 127 Hours. But the movie is lot more than one thinks. The movie is based on true events of mountaineer Aaron Ralston who in 2003 on a bike cum mountaineering trip in Utah’s canyons gets trapped inside a crevice. His right hand gets tuck under a rock which refuses to move an inch and he remains trapped like that without any help, with little water and food to survive for 127 hours that is about 5 days and more. He ultimately emerges out of the place by amputating his right hand and climbing his way back up before being rescued by some other adventurers.  It is one hell of a story of a fighting survivor, who fights against all odds and never gives up.

Just thinking about being stuck in a canyon for days without food and water and with your hand stuck under a rock gives us shivers. Imagine living it and actually coming out of it after cutting our own hand and surviving the entire episode. The scenario is what nightmares are made of. Aaron Ralston did all that and more. He continued his ‘never-say-die’ attitude in life, continued mountaineering and even went to the same canyon once again just to pay tribute to his lost hand.

The scene in which he amputates his hand is not for the faint hearted and you as an audience actually cringe at that sight. The director makes you feel everything what James Franco as Aaron goes through. The state of his mind, the hallucinations, the erotic dreams, the body behavior. Everything is captured in a perfect way. The movie does remind one of the fantastic ‘Castaway’ featuring Tom Hanks stranded on an island for years and surviving it. This movie is similar in the theme to that where the lead never gives up the hope of survival and fights through pain to survive the ordeal.

James Franco as Aaron Ralston is just brilliant and you just cant imagine anyone else in his place. He lives the role and deserves every accolade he gets. Danny Boyle’s direction is nice and he captures the vast expanse of Utah canyons and top angle shots beautifully to make one feel the loneliness of the character and his amazing will to fight. The detailing is quite brilliant. The story is simple and is aided by decent and energetic background score by A R Rehman, although I did find the score bit jarring at times and breaking suddenly at other times.

Overall its a movie one should not miss just to see the triumph of a hero. Aaron Ralston is a true hero, he is a legend !!

My Ratings-  8.5/10 –  Unmissable Movie for the sheer energy of James Franco and a never say die attitude of Aaron Ralston

127 Hours – Looks ‘Rocking’

Here’s the trailer of upcoming movie ‘127 Hours‘ starring James Franco and directed by Danny Boyle of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame. The story is a true life story of American Mountain Climber Aron Ralston who became famouswhen he was forced to amputate his lower right arm with a dull knife in order to free himself after his arm became trapped by a boulder when he was mountaineering in  Utah.

The trailer looks ‘rocking’ and worth waiting for.  The movie would be one serious movie with most of the stuff shot with solo hero James Franco trapped with the boulder, but the trailer shows all the ‘fun-parts’ and makes you wanting for more by its end. The movie has screenplay by Simon Beaufoy and music by A R Rehman. The movie releases on November 5 in USA.