Inception – Timeline Infographic

Inception as most have agreed is a mind blowing film to say the least with its original concept, spectacular visual effects and theories about its plot, its characters and dreams within dreams, it has become one hot discussion topic around the world.

Here is a Timeline Infographic of the film which explains the various levels of the film, dreams, and how everything unfolds. SERIOUS SPOILER warning – if you have not seen the movie.

inception timeline

BTW here is my Review on the fantastic film.

Dream on.

Inception – Cinema Extraordinaire –

Every few years a movie comes along which not only defies  the norm but creates and entire new genre. It becomes and experience, an event in one’s life. In last few years you could say there were movies like Matrix and recently Avatar which did this and gave us some unthinkable concepts and gave a cerebral experience worth remembering to its viewers. It gave us fresh thoughts and allowed us to think not only out of the box but way out of anything we would have thought otherwise. Inception is one such movie.

In the days of old movies being rehashed, remakes of old classics, superhero tales and not-so-original concepts here is a concept which is truly out of this world. Actually the concept of dreams, dream manipulation, sub-conscious mind and sharing of dreams is something many of us think about while sitting alone and pondering over something but nobody had dared to think the way Christopher Nolan does in his super mind blowing, movie Inception.

There are movies in which people go without any expectations and then enjoy the film, but here is a movie where i challenge you to go with as many expectations as you have and you will still feel that the movie matches your demands.

The movie’s plot is well, simple, but told in a complex way but not complex enough not to be understood. The movie has the protagonist and his team trying to enter the mind of person, by entering his dreams, his sub-conscious thoughts and planting or ‘incepting’ an idea so that he believes that the idea is his own. Actually the director explains every little details of what is going on and what is about to happen and almost spoon feeds the viewers.

The film has a an ensemble caste lead brilliantly by Leonardo Di caprio, who has mastered the art of playing a psychological wreck. Other caste members Joseph Gordon Hewitt, Ken Watanbe, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard as Leo’s dead wife play their part perfectly well. The director of the movie is the real hero and the screenplay and editing has to be the best for the year, probably several years. The razor sharp editing, mind blowing visual effects and superb background score helps to create a thrilling atmosphere for the film. Hans Zimmer’s background score is exceptional and heightens the mood of the film at every stage, especially in the last 30 minutes when you have dreams within dreams within dreams unfolding.

The visual effects are truly the best and the slow-mo scenes in which the van jumps in the river, to the Parisian street folding itself and houses collapsing, people fighting in zero gravity are truly spellbinding. The last half an hour where the director  plays around with laws of time and physics is captivating and is spectacular to say the least.

The movie makes you sit up and think, are we all real? or are well living a big dream created by the best architect known by the mankind, GOD ? Are we all projections of our true selves and is the only way out of this dream is death???

The movie is definitely the finest action blockbuster of recent times. The movie isn’t fool-proof and does have some loopholes but you can safely ignore all of them because it is an experience every movie lover should have. It is one of those landmark films that you’ll remember for times to come. Other movie makers, eat your heart out, but all the awards are going to this movie.

My Ratings: 9.5/10 –  Brilliant ! Mindblowing !  Do Not miss it for anything.