Books I Read – Accidental Billionaires – Facebook Story

“Accidental Billionaires” is the story of Facebook. It is the story how 2 Harvard students sitting in their dorm rooms created a worldwide sensation that is growing, as you read this, at a viral rate. It is the story of how Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, at 25 became the youngest self made billionaire on this planet. The book also shows the other side of the story on how in developing a website which brings people all across the world together, created a rift between two friends who made it possible.

The book is based on true life events and interviews with the parties concerned except Mark Zuckerberg who has distanced himself from the book. Credit goes to the author in which he has presented all sides of the story quite well and with a balance. The book is not very hard hitting and does not have much to expose as well but just puts the two sides of the stories floating around. There are quite a few unverified facts and stories as well, most of them hearsay and from second hand sources.

But it is quite fascinating to read how a university project to rate ‘hot looking women’ on campus turned into a worldwide rage within a short span and is now valued at billions of dollars.

The book is written by Ben Mezrich,an Harvard alumnus himself, who has previously written books like ‘Brining Down the House’ which got made into the succesful Hollywood movie ’21’. Not surprisingly even this book is being made into a movie tentatively called ‘The Facebook Movie’.

The book is very good read for a weekend and is fast moving and never boring. Although you crave for more when the book ends ,but that is obvious as the story is not yet complete, the phenomenon of Facebook is still growing and how?

My Ratings : 7/10 –  Good Read for all Facebook Lovers, and there are many.