Iron Man 2 – Review

Finally convinced my elder son to accompany me to Iron Man 2.

The movie is for true fanboys of the superheros, the marvel comic characters and specifically Tony Stark aka Iron Man. This Iron Man begins from where the first part ended, with Tony Stark owning the Iron Man suit and protecting the earth from all things evil. But there are problems from various corners, from the US Government who wishes to have the Iron Man suit for the defence purpose, from Sam Rockwell’s edgy Hammer who wishes to have his own version and then there is Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko from Russia who thinks he should be the rightful owner of the suit and build one himself.

Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyenth Paltrow with their witty dialogues and banter take the acting to a new level. As they say super hero movies rely more on action and stunts and special effects rather than serious acting  but then good acting always helps. Mickey Rourke’s character Ivan is scary at times and has lot more promise but I think his character is kept in the background and could have been given more menacing things to do. His end was also bit tame. Sam Rockwell’s Hammer is the true villain and is given far more footage than perhaps was needed. There are many other characters in the film like Samuel Jackson’s Col Fury, Don Cheadle’s Lt. James and then there is Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow !!!

If there is one character which needs a film of her own then its Scarlett and her Black Widow character. She is already a part of the Avengers mega movie to be released in 2012, but if the studio bosses have half a brain then they would spin-off Black Widow franchise and I promise there will be a long queue on men waiting to watch that movie. Come to think of it Scarlett wasn’t even the original choice for the role and a last minute replacement.

Overall the movie delivers what it promises. Hugh set sequences, super heroes and drones flying everywhere, big bad villain, fast cars, kick ass high octane action, super sexy sidekick and a nice story arc. I found it slightly better than first part as well ( maybe Scarlett was the tilting factor). Must watch for all fanboys – Rating 7.5/10

Cannot wait for 3rd part.