FIFA 2010 – Europe is back

FIFA 2010 Update:

There were 4 South American Teams, 3 European Teams and 1 African Team in the Quarterfinals of the FIFA 2010 World cup. It was wildly expected that there would be at least 2 if not 3 south american teams in the semifinals and some even dreamt of an all south american affair with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay all making it to the semis. Brazil and Argentina were almost certain to be there.

However , Europe was back and how! Holland shocked Brazil, Germany annihilated Argentina and Spain went past Paraguay to have 3 European teams in the semifinals, with Uruguay as the lonely south american team and now it seems that a European team would do what no other team has done in past, that is to win the world cup even when staged outside Europe. Will it be Holland or Spain or the mighty Germans, only the time will tell. Uruguay,who were lucky to get past Ghana, can still salvage the south american pride though the chances are very remote.

Germany Vs Spain would be a great match and Holland are favorites against Uruguay. Last week of FIFA world cup promises to be fun.

FIFA 2010 – Spain Vs. Holland

FIFA 2010 Predictions

Just a day to go before the biggest spectacle in the world begins in South Africa. FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010.

32 teams, 32 dreams, which one will become a reality in months’ time?

Going by the past world cup winners, there has been only 6 different nations that have won the world cup.  Brazil has won it 5 times, Italy has won it 4 times, Germany has won it thrice, Argentina and Uruguay has won it twice with England and France winning it once each. Barring 1958 edition, all world cups played on European soil have been won by European teams and all played outside Europe have been won by South American teams. Going by the trend it augurs well for a non-European team to win the world cup this time around.

Although, I will be personally supporting every African team, whenever they play, especially Ivory Coast. Africa’s time has come now!!

However here are my early bird predictions for the 4 semi finalists, purely based on my gut feel.

It would be Argentina, Spain, France and Brazil as the 4 Semifinalists, with Germany, Holland,  England and Italy missing out in the quarter finals.

I would bet Argentina to win the cup this time around.

Lets see if any of my predictions come true or not.

Here are my Updated Predictions after 1st round of Matches, just before the knock-outs begin.

FIFA 2010 Update – Europe is Back

FIFA 2010 Update – Spain Vs. Holland