Shutter Island – Movie Review

‘Shutter Island’ released few months back, but I held back viewing it earlier as I had read the book it is based on by Dennis Lehane. Here is my Book Review.

The reason I had delayed primarily was that I wanted to ‘forget’ the book and then watch the movie without getting influenced. However, now I know that the book is not easy to forget. The movie is a faithful adaptation of the book and tries its best to live up to the standards of the book. Director Martin Scorcese and actor Leonardo Dicaprio tries to justify the book as much as the medium of cinema permits.

The movie follows the complex storyline almost as faithfully as the book. Leonardo Dicaprio is brilliant as Teddy Daniels and Mark Ruffalo fulfills the role of his partner Chuck. But Ben Kingsley as Dr. Crawly is superbly cast and you cannot imagine anyone else. The haunting mysterious island is one of the characters of the movie and it is certainly very well shot and presented. The background music at some points define the stormy atmosphere of the film.

Although I have to admit that knowing the ‘twist’ in the movie because of reading the book doesn’t help much as that is the problem with suspense novels. Perhaps I would have enjoyed the movie more if I had NOT read the book and didn’t know about what was to come.

If you have not seen this movie or read the boom then please do so. Watch the movie for superb acting and directing skills, witty dialogues and haunting atmosphere. The book can be read for finer details of the plot.

My Ratings : 8/10 . Do not delay watching it

Books I Read: Shutter Island – Dennis Lehane

Few months back browsing on some Movie site and reading the upcoming movies one of the names I saw was ‘Shutter Island’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio and directed by Martinc Scorcese. I then realised that it must have been based on the book I owned but hadnt yet had chance to read it. My hunch was right, the movie is based on the thriller by Dennis Lehane. Dennis Lehane has written quite a few decent books including Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone etc. Even the movie based on the above books were brilliant, atleast ‘Mystic River’ was. Now, I had to read Shutter Island before watching the movie.

Shutter Island – Paperback Cover

The story is set in 1954 in North Eastern America, mainly Boston and an island near it namely Shutter Island which houses a federal institution for the criminally insane. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner, Chuck Aule, are called in to investigate an escape of a female patient. The facility is run by suspicious Dr. Cawly. You soon realize that there is more to this institution then we think. Teddy believes that an arsonist is hiding in the facility and Chuck suspects that patients are used as guinea pigs in trying out mental treatment. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted.

The books keeps you hooked to it and the case of missing prisoner and various codes leading to her makes you read it at a stretch. But there are more twists and turns in the story, some of which are expected and some of which are ‘out of the blue’. All of these keep the readers guessing right till the end. Of course in the end when everything is explained, you do realize that not everything was what it seemed while reading.

Quite a fun read and would recommend to anyone who loves thrillers. My Ratings  – 7/10

Now, to the movie. The movie has released in USA and has got quite varied reviews. Waiting for its release here in India. Hopefully the team of  Scorcese and Leo wouldnt disappoint me and film would live up to the book.