Moon – Good Sci-Fi

‘Moon’ is a small British film which had a limited theatrical release in 2009 and I think it didnt even get a proper release in India. Its a science fiction tale but unlike recent sci-fi films doesnt boast of superlative special effects but tells a human drama.

It is about a guy, brilliant Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, who has been recruited by Lunar Industries to reside on the dark side of Moon and collect Helium-3 and ship it back to earth for the energy needs. He is the lone occupant of the lunar base with a computer named Gerty to keep him company and control various tasks on the base. He just has about 2 weeks of his 3 year contract left and is looking forward to go back to earth and meet his wife and daughter.

Here the story takes twist and we realize that everything is not what it seems. Sam is not actually the real Sam Bell but a clone of him and there are other clones as well, who when implanted with memory and DNA of Sam Bell all assume they are the real Sam. The 3 year contract is not the contract but the lifespan of a clone and the company Lunar Industries has been using them since last several years. The wife and kid are all part of the memory and no direct communication with earth is a trick employed by the company to keep ‘clone of Sam’ not to communicate at all.

The story gets interesting when 2 of the clones, who accidentally meet as they are never supposed to meet, plan to escape along with the help of friendly computer Gerty. They discover various truths about themselves and how they have been lied to and how they are mere puppets in the hand of big company. They discover the communication jammers, other clones who are kept frozen, learn the truth of how other clones were used and then incinerated and they find out that the wife has already died on earth and the daughter is 15 years old. Ultimately one of them does escape and the movie ends with him returning to earth and confronting the company.

The movie, unlike a big Hollywood big budget sci-fi film, is shot with a smallish budget by débutante director Duncan Jones and most of the film is shot inside studios on a bunker like set. However the set has been superbly designed. The outdoor moon scenes are also brilliantly shot. Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell and his clones acts beautifully. The actor makes us feel his pain when he realizes that he is just a clone and has been taken for a ‘ride’ by the company. Kevin Spacey voices the computer Gerty and nice to see ‘machines with heart’ for a change. The background music is apt and reminds one of ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’ and other movies set in ‘space’ genre. It is rumored that the director is planning a prequel to this movie and then a sequel as well to complete the trilogy.

I would surely recommend this movie to all the Science Fiction lovers and would eagerly wait out for the prequel.

My Ratings: 8/10 –  Dark side of the Moon was never more beautiful