Anjaana-Anjaani – Strange Stuff

Anjaana- Anjaani stars Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in a journey across America reliving a journey of their life.  The movie directed by Siddharth Anand is ‘inspired’ from several films including a French one ‘Girl on the Bridge’ where the lead characters meet on a bridge while attempting suicide for different reasons and also inspired from ‘The Bucket List’ when they decide to live their last few days of life happily but then like most Bollywood ‘masala’ films they ‘live’ happily ever after. Even the poster of the film was blatantly copied from ‘An Education‘ as pointed out by me previously Here.

The director is confused at times and the storyline has no clear path. The reasons for committing suicide also looks flimsy. Question is When two persons feels ‘low’ enough to commit suicide, how come in next scene suddenly starts celebrating like a teenager in college party ? No logic to the film plot. But then thats how ‘yash raj – dharma- johar’ brand of Bollywood is. They even treat a dark subject like suicide in candy-floss way !! The director is trained in Yash Raj school of film making, so no surprises there.

The Movie is more about chemistry between the lead actors as most romantic movies are. Ranbir acts very natural and suits the role while Priyanka is okeyish but many a times looks unnaturally fake and goes over the top and almost irritating to the core. The movie has absolutely no other characters worth remembering and when wooden Zayed Khan is your surprise, you are in serious trouble. The supporting characters are just there to fill up some scenes. The movie has what every ‘yash raj’ brand of cinema has targetting captive NRI audience.

The locales of major USA cities and highways is nicely captured and the movie at times looks like a travel guide across America but was so boring that I was hoping for Shah Rukh Khan from My Name is Khan to show up on one of the roads asking for lift.  There is customory Las Vegas Casinos, Golden Gate Bridge and New York skylines. There is also discos, strip joints, standard gay humor, fat white americans, stupid thieves, medical emergency kinda scene etc etc. High time to realize that just good photography, good stars, fancy clothings but not much depth in story dont make good cinema. NRI audience and yuppie South Mumbai Under 25  crowd  might lap up such movies and hare-brained plots but the movie has nothing to offer to anyone. The music by Vishal-Shekhar and background score at times are decent and I did like some of the songs as well especially the Lucky Ali one ‘Hairaat’. But then there were too many songs one after the other in 2nd half.

Watch it for Ranbir Kapoor, the emerging superstar and a good actor too, although needs to choose roles carefully else would be type-caste in certain kinds of roles only. Priyanka needs to control herself, she is in her prime years, should not waste good opportunities to prove herself as better actress then most around.

My Ratings –  4/10 – Avoidable barring Ranbir Kapoor