Shin Chan – Pyara Pyara

Ok this is about Shin Chan Nohara. For those who do not know who he is probably do not have young kids at home watching cartoon/ animation on Television. Shin Chan is a Japanese Cartoon Serial , translated to English and Hindi. Its episodes are 30 minutes long shown about 3 or 4 times a day on Hungama Channel.

The series follows adventures or rather misadventures of 5 year old Shin Chan with his parents, younger sister, teacher, neighbor, friends  and other miscellaneousness people. Shin Chan is a naughty kid and behaves like an adult at times. He asks rude and ridiculous questions and passes sharp judgement on people including his mom. The series shows how the kid enjoys at expense of others and has lots of physical and verbal comedy. Kids of course adore and imitate him. But he makes many parents worried.

Th problem compounds when you watch the Hindi Dubbed version of the serial, which we get to see on our cable. The Hindi translation makes it even ruder sounding. Shin Chan mouthes dialogues like ‘ tum itni motee kyun ho’, ‘bacche churane wali moti budhiya’ to his mom. He asks his teacher about her boyfriends and does generally naughty things which an adult might do but not a 5 year old. Such mischievous antics have made Shin Chan almost a cult figure among kids. Shin chan is amongst highest watched program by kids on television.

Shin Chan sometimes sets bad examples and teaches young kids on how to do mischievous things and get away with it. It shows you can be smarter than adults and even fool them. His naughtiness is exciting and gives kids a sense of high by which they can become equal to adults. It stops their ability to discriminate between right and wrong.

The above reasons are enough for not to watch the series and not let your kids watch it as well. However reality is different. As per the data most kids watch it in spite of all sorts of warning. Perhaps its a guilty pleasure  to watch it. Must say, the animation is cute.

So then, whether to let our kids watch it. I am still not sure but have to admit that both my kids have watched it quite a few times with and without my knowledge. I am not too happy about it but then I am not happy with many other things.