India Vs. West Indies

There was a time when India Vs. West Indies was a keenly awaited series especially in India. When West Indies team was a champion team and India was just about rising. There was Lara Vs. Tendulkar and West Indian pace attack Vs. Indian spinners.

Sadly this time around there is hardly any hype about the tour. India play 5 ODIs, 3 Tests and 1 T20 in the tour with no other tour matches.

The schedule is tight nd the interest is quite low with many of the Indian tops stars giving this tour a miss. Suresh Raina captains the young Indian ODI and T20 side and most of the youngsters in the team are pushing for their place in the regular side and for them this series is a great opportunity to do that.  New coach Duncan Fletcher will have his task cut-out. Test side would be more regular with stalwarts Dravid and Laxman along with Dhoni and Zaheer returning to the side. Tendulkar will be missed and this will be the 2nd West Indies tour he would be missing after the first one in 2006. Regular opening pair of Sehwag and Gambhir will also be missed and Murali Vijay and perhaps Abhinav Mukund can make a strong claim as a backup opener for future tours. Indian pace attack will have a chance to bowl on different pitches than sub-continent to prepare for bigger series ahead. There is plenty to look forward to for the die-hard cricket lovers.

As far as my prediction goes India should win the lone T20 and should win the ODI series at least 4-1, anything less should be considered as a failure. As far as tests goes anything less than 3-0 should not be acceptable to the Indian fans.

IPL 4 Predictions

IPL 4 begins tomorrow 8th April 2011, with opening match in Chennai. Each of the 10 teams play 14 games with 7 home and 7 away. Making it 70 matches. There would be 4 more maches to determine the winner of IPL 4, the final match to be held on 28th May in Mumbai. The format for the final 4 teams is slightly different with the top 2 teams getting an extra chance to qualify for the final  thus getting to the top 2 positions important in league phase.

The top 3 teams of course qualify for the Champions Trophy, later this year.

12 Cities play host to the matches. Pune team has their home base in Navi Mumbai and Kochi team plays couple of matches in Indore while Kings XI Punjab play few matches in Dharamsala. With 74 matches in 50 days it would be a tough schedule for every team, what with travelling across India

With Lalit Modi, the architect of the first 3 versions, nowhere to be seen it would be a different tournament at least from the glamor point of view. Which is good as well as concentration would be on good cricket rather than good looking models and parties.



My predictions – Mostly based on team compositions, players, captains and coaches and mostly gut feeling.

MI, RCB, PSW and CSK as the top 4 and Kochi and Rajasthan Royals the bottom 2.

Just a  wild guess. Lets see.

Let the fun begin.

I WAS THERE ….Historic day !!!!

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Those who know me know how much passionate about cricket I am. I follow cricket on TV, internet and live whenever and wherever I can. This was world cup, finals in my home city and with India reaching the finals only a natural calamity would have kept me away from  Wankhede on 2nd April, 2011. Now a gold letter day in Indian cricket !! It was THE match. India vs. Sri Lanka in the world cup finals at my home ground. What are the odds of having that ever again, in my lifetime?

I had booked the ticket long back and though I was offered serious money ( 6 figure number) I never once had a thought of selling the ticket in black market and encash the huge gains. (Hint – I could have bought a Tata Nano car with AC with that money). I am way too passionate a cricket fan to let go off this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Match was to begin at 2.30 pm IST and gates were to open at 11.30 am. To avoid the rush of getting in and avoid standing in huge queues I reached the venue at 10.30 am all dressed in world cup t-shirt armed with…well nothing except the ticket, wallet and mobile phone ! Yes this time the cops were to allow the cell phone and that was a huge relief as it meant I could communicate with friends and family ( how wrong I was) and can even take pictures with cell phone camera, although not of a great resolution. I have been to the stadium many times in past and it has generally meant a tough time for spectators with little to eat and drink inside and cement slabs as seats, shoddy restrooms and general chaos. But this time it was different. This was world cup finals and Wankhede had been renovated completely for this event, this day.

Now we had enough security to last a war with our neighbor, checking and frisking at every corner and I was frisked 4 times at different points and a very decent standing in line experience I had. It also helped that I was about 5th in line and generally chaos happened close to match time. As the gates opened I was further checked and I slowly made my way to my stands and my seat which was on the top tier, front row of Garware Pavilion, which meant a spectacular view of the entire ground, right besides players dressing room and VVIP boxes. The view was simply breathtaking as I entered my empty stand. I settled down made call home reporting my safe arrival and took general pictures of the ground, the pitch and whomsoever I could see. It was T-3 hours.

The crowd kept filling in slowly and steadily. I made several new friends who all had brought huge banners which we tied it to front of our stand for easy visibility. ‘ Dont Go Gary’, ‘Sach is Life’, ‘Dhoni the Boss’ and there were several more. Some of them cannot be printed here 🙂 I was checking out every corner of the stadium and occupied myself by having some decent sandwiches and drinks and generally made more friends then the first day of my college. It was T-2 hours.

At about 1 pm or so players started appearing and huge cheers went around whenever anyone from both camps appeared for practice, warming up which included catching practice, throwing balls at stumps, slip catching and some mild exercises. Sri Lankan nets was right under our stand but of course everyone in the stadium was looking out for Indian stars and one particular man. The in-house DJ was warming up now and the fantastic audio system inside the stands was blaring the latest hits and favorite Indian cheering songs with an occasional Sri Lankan song too. The moment Indians came in ground, the sound level doubled and when everyone spotted the ‘God’, all of us rose from our seats to bow to the almighty, the one and only Sachin Tendulkar. If you dont know who he is and why he is called God, then please stop reading this RIGHT NOW !!!

T-30 minutes and toss time. There was some confusion during the toss but then Lanka won the toss and elected to bat which was slightly disappointing as we all know its always a good thing to bat first in big matches. Then came the national anthem when the players lined up to sing the anthems for both nations. It was a historic moment when the entire stadium barring few sang ‘Jana Gana Mana’, it was goosebumpish to say the least. The crowd was full, stadium jam-packed with almost all seats taken. Must give credit to the excellent security arrangement, ushers and cops all around to help. The stadium is as world class as it can be. Comfortable seating ( almost) , superb view, airy stands, neat and clean rest rooms, lobbies to walk around and quality food stalls make it a great experience now.

The match begun and I am not going to write a ball by ball report of it as I am not best equipped for that and most of you reading this already know what all happened. Just to summarize the in-stadium experience that it was an experience of a lifetime for me. Huge crowds, cheering every Indian run or a super fielding effort and egging our players by singing songs, shouting slogans, creating giant Mexican waves which went around the stadium multiple times and even booing the opposition at times. Watching our favorite cricketers in action on a world stage was something all of us have a dream off, I certainly did and today I was getting my dream realized. The match as all know had its ups and downs and as Ravi Shastri would have said. ‘ It was swinging both ways’. The atmosphere was electric to say the least and the 300o0- plus strong crowd just had one ambition, to see India lift the world cup, to see Sachin complete his glorious resume by getting the world cup medal. Everybody from common laborer in the ground to the biggest of celebs ( and there were many) all had just one wish today and it was to see Dhoni lifting the world cup and gifting it to the ‘God’

India of course started well and till about middle of Lankan innings we all had hopes of restricting Lanka to about 230 or so but Jayawardane played a brilliant knock  hitting a century in world cup finals, with nice support by Sanga, Kulasekara and Perera in the end to reach a solid figure of 274. A score that has never been chased in a world cup final. No centurion in a world cup final was ever on a losing side. The signs were ominous and chances of an Indian victory were bit distant now. The crowd was slightly muted and nobody wanted to predict the outcome at the break. The cellphone service inside the stadium had died by now and hardly anybody could make or receive any calls but strange SMS’s were doing round about how the match was fixed and how certain things would happen. Of course the messages were as dumb as it can be as I got 2 messages with same details about the match but one of them had India winning and 2nd one had India throwing the match. I of course chose to ignore all such foolish stuff and knew that all of them were nothing but idiotic claims by conspiracy theory experts and were as dumb as April Fool jokes told to me by my 5 year old son !!

Going back to the start of Indian batting, the moment everyone was waiting for happened. God entered the ground in his customary style and you could hear the voice sitting in Shivaji park. The match had more twists in store and when we lost Sachin and scoreboard read just 31 everybody started worrying, 1996 collapse was remembered and world cup seemed distant at that moment. I had my hopes high and I had seen the Lankans batting on that pitch and deep in my heart I knew that if India batted 50 overs, it would get the runs. The pitch had no cracks or no vicious turn in it, neither it had any big seam movement. In fact it was bouncing very well and I knew our batsmen would relish that true bounce.

I was in top tier front and cameramen ( some Afro guy) came up and asked us to sing some ‘Indian victory’ song…this when Sachin had just got out..of course all of started cheering India back and I had a huge Pepsi finger in my hand too, which I was waving almost in the camera lens…after all this jugglery …I think I spotted myself on big screen for about 2 seconds ….I don’t know if Live TV caught us as it was between overs and in stadium feed was not always same as Live TV. This was at about 7.45 pm IST. My two seconds on the giant screens on the historic day, justified my existence !!

We started rebuilding thanks to Gambhir and Kohli and Dhoni and banners were furling again, horns were blaring, clapping and Mexican waves all around, song and dance blaring from the in house system and DJ was playing the best club tracks by now. The lights were on long back and every run was cheered for by the privileged few in the stadium. The in-house entertainment was on all the time and between overs we had mini contests and advertisements and songs and dance on big screens. Hope was slowly getting back in the hearts and mind of all of us.

As India inched closer to the victory people were getting more anxious and to hide their anxiousness they were shouting at the top of their voice. I took few strategic food breaks to settle my nerves and the last 5 overs was a stuff legends are made of. Dhoni and Yuvraj hitting the runs clinically and when Dhoni hit the winning six over long on fence,  it was the biggest moment in Indian cricket. Everything froze, I was jumping on top of the seat while shouting at top of my voice and throwing my cap high up and I noticed history being made. The moment billion people had been waiting for since 28 years. The world cup was our. India were the champion. The most exhilarating moment ever and I WAS THERE !!!!!  Dream was now reality, victory was ours and Sachin had that final wish completed. We had won it, won it for India, won it for Sachin and I WAS THERE to witness it from the grandest of grand seats screaming at top of my lungs, with tears in my eyes. I could no longer control myself.

I WAS THERE !!!!!!!!

Post match presentation, players hugging and dancing and doing a victory lap when Yusuf Pathan lifted Sachin and did a victory lap, when Harbhajan and Yuvraj cried and then danced to ‘Ganapati Dhol’ , the flow of emotion on the ground and all the speeches and interviews are worth watching over and over and perhaps I will watch all of them all day long and I wont get tired ever watching them.  This is the experience we all tell our grandchildren about. This day, 2nd April 2011, I will never forget. This day my favorite hero Sachin got his final wish fulfilled and I was there to watch the historic moment. As Virat Kohli rightly mentioned in his interview that for 21 years, he had carried the burden of billion dreams, it was time for his teammates to carry him for victory lap, tonight. That sight was fulfillment of everything to me. Dream achieved. Time to dream new dreams now.

All of us partied in the stadium with players and spectators dancing to the DJ tunes and sounds of dhols. Nobody wanted to leave and there were firecrackers everywhere, people on the road, traffic jams everywhere and Indian flags on every corner and on top of every car. It was like India achieved freedom once again. I reached home at unearthly hours and even at that hour my wife, mom and elder son were waiting and we discussed the entire match and my experience in details and I couldn’t sleep all night and I had to write this. I still cant sleep.

In 1983, I watched India win it at an hour which was way past my bed time then. I was 9 1/2 years old then and could only imagine what it actually meant. Today my elder son is 9 1/2 years old and as they say history repeats itself. Just experienced the circle of life.

Lastly, to all the moronic conspiracy theory experts who think this match was fixed, here’s my self-censored message “GO TO HELL”. To all the special people who watched this match Live in stadium, ‘Best Decision ever”

I can write on and on but now will stop and perhaps sleep, if I can.

To summarize, when Dhoni lifted the cup and gave it to Sachin, life was complete for me and I WAS THERE !!!!!!

P.S. I have lots of pictures of stadium, players etc. which I shall upload when I return back to earth !!

Here’s link to some of my pics on Facebook

And here it starts.. World Cup 2011

19th February 2011 and its the first match of the World Cup of Cricket 2011 being hosted in India, Sri Lanka and Bangaldesh.

There is enough material about the world cup on the internet, television, radio and wherever you go. So no point mentioning the details like who’s playing whom and when and who is the favorite and who is the underdog.  We all Indians want our country to win like most other cricket fans from their nation.

This is my 8th World Cup beginning from 1983 when I was 9 years old, so technically I was a toddler during the first one and a bumbling 5 year old during the 2nd. I remember the 3rd world cup, known as Prudential World Cup. I remember watching the Finals LIVE on Doordarshan, interrupted by ‘Batmya’ at 7.30 pm and ‘Samachar’ at 9.00 pm but it was a memorable night when India lifted the cup, although honestly I now have a very vague memory of that night but enough to feel proud of witnessing history.

1987 was a heart breaker when India lost to England in the semis and i remember the pin-drop silence walking out of the Wankhede at the end of that match. I was there and do not want to remember it. 1992 was the best format where every team played every other. I remember breaking my home window grill when India lost to Australia and our batsman did not take the match tieing run when it was available. I remember running home from my final board exams to watch the semifinals and i remember the 2 deadly in-swingers Wasim Akram bowled in the finals.

1996 was watched with friends either at a different freinds house every match and India Australia match in Wankhede is memorable, not only because it was an electrifying atmosphere but also because the manner in which all our freinds procured the tickets withstanding lathicharge from police. I had my arm swollen for a week. The semifinal loss was the worst though and I stopped watching after stone-pelting started.

1999 world cup has mixed emories with superb victory over Sri Lanka and Pakistan followed by ugly losses against Zimbabwe only to lose badly against South Africa and Australia

2003 was of course the best so far with India doing really well, Nehra’s 6 wickets in Durban and Sachin’s 98 against Pakistan are 2 of the favorite matches. The loss in Finals made me hate Australia and Ricky Ponting even more and I continue to dislike them.

2007 was blink and miss and literally I missed it as I was travelling during both of India’s losses against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Both times I was in the train, night journey with matches being in Caribbean I was checking scores through cell phone and SMS’s only to discover that India was losing and the world cup was over before it started.

Now its 2011. This one is huge. Its at home and as mentioned above all of us have high hopes for India to win it. This also is Sachin’s  ( hopefully not) realistically last world cup. He is the guy who has defined ODI cricket and it would be a Billion people’s dream come true if he were to lift the world cup on his home ground on 2nd April, 2011.

My elder son is about the same age I was in 1983. Maybe the history would repeat itself. Fingers Crossed.

Kochi Indi Commandos – What ???

The 10th IPL Team Kochi has finally come up with a name. Wish they had remained as ‘Kochi IPL Team’ instead or ‘Rendezvous Team’ as called by the owners. But now they are called ‘Kochi Indi Commandos‘ !!!

What does that even mean ?? What kind of silly name is Indi Commando. The team has been making all kinds of mistakes and errors and controversial things. Their team selection involving Sreesanth, Ravindra Jadeja was bad enough. Then they wanted Ganguly which they couldn’t get. They have all the discarded KKR players and now this.

Here is their Team Logo

This looks like an amateur Powerpoint Work. What a silly design !!

This team  has no future !!

Rajasthan – Ranji Champions – Playing by the ‘Rule’

India’s premier domestic cricket tournament Ranji Trophy has 27 teams divided into Plate and Elite League. Each year top 2 teams from the plate league are promoted to the Elite league and bottom 2 of the elite are relegated to the plate. This is the Ranji Trophy format since last few years.

Rajasthan has been a perrenial under achiever of the Indian Domestic Cricket over the years, especially in the  Ranji Trophy. They have been playing in the plate league for couple of years and when they reached the elite phase few years back, they were whipped by most teams and relegated once again to the Plate league. This year they were one of the teams in Group A of the plate league. Nothing much was expected from them.

They had a not so prominent coach in Harish Joshi and an average team squad. They had Pankaj Singh as their premier fast bowler who was on the fringes of Indian selection but still not quite there. They decided to ‘import’ batting talent in the form of former Indian opener and Delhi batsman Aakash Chopra,  former Indian middle order batsman and Maharashtra player Hrishikesh Kanitkar. Kanitkar was made the captain. The draw was quite favorable to them and they had to play all their 5 league matches at Home again opponents like Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Goa, Tripura and Hyderabad.

They started with a bang. On a green top at Jaipur they dismissed the Hyderabad team for a paltry total of 21 only, which is one of the lowest score in Indian first class cricket in long time. In doing this they discovered a new talent Deepak Chahar, all of 18 and right arm swing bowler who literally bamboozled the Hyderabad side for his figures of 8/10 for a match haul of 12 wickets. Captain Kanitkar struck a fine 193 to seal the win and Rajasthan won the match quite comfortably by an Innings and 256 runs.

The next match was against Goa. This match ended in a draw but Rajasthan won points for having a lead in the first innings. Opener Vineet Saxena this time hit a century.  Goa fought back well but first innings lead was good enough for Rajasthan.

The next match against Madhya Pradesh turned out to be a tough one with Rajasthan scoring 523 runs. Madhya Pradesh also managed to score 415 / 5 however the match could not be finished and since the 1st innings of both teams had not finished neither teams did get any points.

The next match against Tripura played on a green Kota track was almost one sided with lowly Tripura being bowled out for less than 100 in each innings and Pankaj Singh taking 14 wickets in the match.

The final league match against Jharkhand at Udaipur was also a big scoring match and batsmen Aakash Chopra and Rashmi Parida scored big hundreds to take the first innings lead and win the points for the team. Thus Rajashtan qualified for the Plate league semi finals as the Group A leader. They were drawn to play against solid Maharashtra team at Nasik.

Plate league semifinal are very important as the 2 winners not only get to play in Quarter finals of the Elite league the very same year but also get promoted to the Elite league for the next year. Considering this it was really crucial for the Rajasthan team to win against the strong Maharashtra team.

Maharashtra won the toss and elected to field on a slightly wet track however they misread the track completely and Rajasthan batsmen made them pay for it. Opener Aakash Chopra scored a grinding triple century 301* for the score of 641 in the first innings. Next task was to bowl out Maharashtra for less than that which the Rajasthan bowelrs successfully did. Leg break bowler Vivek Yadav alsong with Pankaj Singh and Deepak Chahar bowled out Maharashtra team for 349 and the match was won as the 4 day match ended in a draw and due to the first innings rule Rajasthan advanced to the Ranji Elite league quarterfinals and also got promoted.

This was a big event and most plate sides are happy to go this far and reach the elite league. Most of the plate sides are not much a match for the Elite level teams and usually end their run in the Elite league quarter finals. Rajasthan had not so envious task of taking on the mightiest side in the Ranji trophy and previous year champions ‘khaddoos’ Mumbai in their quarter finals. Mumbai team was known for his talent and their never-say-die attitude plus it boasted current and past India stars. Led by veteran Wasim Jaffer this was the team favorite to win not only the match but the Ranji Trophy.

Mumbai won the toss and batted on a not so easy track. This was bad news as Mumbai is known to post high scores and then run through their opponents. However Pankaj Singh bended his back and bowl a fiery spell to claim 6 wickets. Mumbai batamen were far too reckless and played some horrible shots to bowl out for 252 which looked okeyish on that track, however Rajashtan batsmen had other plans. They decided to grind in, bat defensively, score slowly but steadily. Their Goa import, Opener Vineet Saxena and Captain Kanitkar both scored centuries along with young prodigy Ashok Menaria who also scored a ton. Rajasthan scored 589 ant they batted Mumbai out of the game. Mumbai fought back but there wasnt enough time to force a win. Unebeleivable had been done. Ranji champions Mumbai had been knocked out by Rajasthan from plate division. Mighty had fallen.

Next step for Rajasthan was the semi finals against Tamil Nadu, another favorite team with some star players in the side. Tamil Nadu won the toss and inserted Rajasthan in. Again Rajashtan batsmen decided to play slowly and steadily and build a huge score. Aakash Chopra and Kanitkar both scored a hundred and Rajasthan posted 552. The total was good enough however Tamil Nadu had some good batsmen who could bat for long hours and going by the track the first innings lead was what mattered as a result was not possible in 4 days.  Leggie Vivek Yadav again bowled fine spells and Rajasthan managed to bowl out Tamil Nadu for 385 with lone Badrinath fighting with 175*. Thus Rajasthan reached the Ranji finals again thank to the first innings lead rule. This was a feat unmatched and no Plate division side had ever reached the Ranji Elite league finals. Rajasthan had been in Ranji finals 8 times but has never won the Ranji Trophy and this was a golden chance for them.

The Ranji trophy finals were to be held against Baroda side in Baroda, another formidable team who had defeated many teams on the strength of their explosive batting and incisive bowling. However due to the international schedule the key players like Yusuf Pathan and Munaf Patel were not available for the finals.

The finals begun in Motibagh Stadium in Baroda on 11th Jan, 2011, perhaps and auspicious day.However Rajasthan yet against lost the toss and were put into bat. They continued their slow and grinding batting style on a difficult track to bat on where the ball remained far too low at times. Run scoring wasnt easy but all the top order batsman contributed and Rajasthan reached 394 a total very good on that track. However Baroda Captain Pinal Shah understood what was needed on this track and their batsmen batted equally well.  However Rajasthan bowlers were better on the day and Baroda managed 361, just 33 behind Rajasthan. The Ranji final is a 5 day affair and hence chance of an outright result could not be ruled out. By the rule of ‘First innings Lead’  Rajasthan were ahead by 33 runs and only way Baroda could now win was by forcing an outright win. In the 2nd innings Baroda bowler started very well and Rajasthan lost 4 quick wickets for not many runs. However veteran Rashmi Parida and new boy Ashok Menaria found a groove and settled down and by end of day 4 took Rajasthan’s lead to 234 runs with 6 wickets in hand. On the final day Baroda needed not only only 6 quick wickets but to score those runs and the task looked impossible barring some miracle. And no miracles happened as India’s Under-19 Captain Ashok Menaria scored another hundred and Baroda were set a stiff target of 375 to win but giving them just about a session to do so thus effectively winning the match.  Rajasthan won the match on by now their favorite ‘ first innings lead’ rule. They lifted the Ranji Trophy for the first time ever. The souls of veteran Rajasthan players like Raj Singh Dungarpur and Hanumant Singh would be at  peace now.

Coming from the Plate league, not losing any of their match and qualifying for the elite leagues was a big achievement in itself for Rajasthan. But defeating teams like Mumbai,Tamil Nadu  and Baroda and to win the Ranji trophy was unthinkable even for the veteran team players like Aakash Chopra and Hrishikesh Kanitkar. They had their plans and strategies right in place. Their players responded every time they were needed to. The batsmen stuck out and scored big hundreds and bowlers bended their backs and emerged as leading wicket taking bowlers in the Ranji trophy this year. They played as per their strength and played by the rules.  The ‘first innings lead’rule has been used by many a teams in past to win points and emerge as winners.  Rajasthan were surely not the first one to do so and wil not be last one either.

This was a perfect ‘zero to hero’ story and surely an inspirational lesson worth learning for every cricketer and sportsmen that to never give up on their dream and always believe that nothing was impossible in cricket and for that matter in any sports. Veteran players like Aakash Chopra and Kanitkar who had played for India earlier,  Ranji veterans like Rashmi Parida and Pankaj Singh and young players like Vineet Saxena, Vivek Yadav, Ashok Menaria and Deepak Chahar gelled together to make up the team the did the impossible. It was a complete team effort with Rajasthan bowlers emerging as leading wicket takers in the Ranji trophy and their batsmen scored the most runs.

If Rajasthan were an underdog baseball or american football team in USA and achieved something like this, Hollywood would have surely come up with a winning script and screenplay from the above story and created a memorable sport film, however this is India and chances of any such things are remote. However if ever there was a movie to be made from this Rajasthan Ranji trophy success story then an apt title would be ‘Playing by the Rule’.

IPL – Final Format & Draw

Finally the format of 10 team IPL 4 has been decided and its well quite different from what was being speculated earlier. Each team gets to play 14 matches. 7 home and 7 away. Each team plays 5 other teams on home-away basis, plays 2 teams only at home and 2 teams away. Thus totaling 70 matches. The top 4 teams would go through the semi finals. Thus 74 matches would be played over a period of 7 weeks or so. Final schedule will be out soon, meanwhile here is the draw for each team.

The IPL 2011 draw
Team Home and away Home Away

IPL 4 Teams – Post Auctions

Here are the squads of all 10 teams post the Mega Auction. 127 Players were bid for in the auction and adding the 12 retained earlier, 139 players are now part of various teams. The teams still need to sign Indian domestic players to fill up the team vacuums and make up the playing XI.

Listed below are all the players, their teams and the price they were bought for.

Players Country Type Final Price
(Mil $)
Bangalore Royal Challengers – Balance Left 0.36 Mil $
Cheteshwar Pujara India Batsman 0.7
Dirk Nannes Australia Bowler 0.65
Zaheer Khan India Bowler 0.9
Saurabh Tiwary India Batsman 1.6
Daniel Vettori NZ Bowler 0.55
AB De Villiers RSA Batsman/Wk 1.1
Tillakaratne Dilshan Sri Lanka Batsman 0.65
Abhmanyu Mithun India All rounder 0.26
Charls Langeveldt RSA Bowler 0.14
Luke Pomersbach Australia Batsman 0.05
Johan van der Wath RSA Bowler 0.05
Rilee Rossouw RSA Batsman 0.02
Nuwan Pradeep Sri Lanka Bowler 0.02
Jonathan David Vandiar RSA Batsman 0.02
Mohaamad Kaif India Batsman 0.13
Virat Kohli India Batsman 1.8
Chennai Superkings – Balance left 0.335 Mil $
Michael Hussey Australia Batsman 0.425
Doug Bollinger Australia Bowler 0.7
Wriddhiman Saha India Wk/Batsman 0.1
Ravichandran Ashwin India Bowler 0.85
Subramaniam Badrinath India Batsman 0.85
Dwayne Bravo WI All rounder 0.2
Ben Hilfenhaus Australia Bowler 0.1
Sudeep Tyagi India Bowler 0.24
Scott Styris NZ All rounder 0.2
Francois Du Plessis RSA Bowler 0.12
George Bailey Australia Batsman 0.05
Joginder Sharma India Batsman 0.15
Nuwan Kulasekara Sri Lanka Bowler 0.1
Suraj Randiv Sri Lanka All rounder 0.08
Mahendra Dhoni India Wk/Batsman 1.8
Suresh Raina India Batsman 1.3
Murali Vijay India Batsman 0.9
Albie Morkel RSA All rounder 0.5
Deccan Chargers – Balance Left 1.36 Mil $
Cameron White Australia Batsman 1.1
Kevin Pietersen England Batsman 0.65
Shikhar Dhawan India Batsman 0.3
Ishant Sharma India Bowler 0.45
Pragyan Ojha India Bowler 0.5
Amit Mishra India Bowler 0.3
JP Duminy RSA Batsman 0.3
Dale Steyn RSA Bowler 1.2
Kumar Sangakkara Sri Lanka Wk/Batsman 0.7
Dan Christian Australia Batsman 0.9
Manpreet Gony India Bowler 0.29
Chris Lynn Australia Batsman 0.02
Juan Theron RSA Bowler 0.85
Michael Lumb England Batsman 0.08
Delhi Daredevils – Balance Left 0.75 Mil $
James Hopes Australia All rounder 0.35
David Warner Australia Batsman 0.75
Aaron Finch Australia Batsman 0.3
Irfan Pathan India All rounder 1.9
Naman Ojha India WK/Batsman 0.27
Morne Morkel RSA Bowler 0.475
Ajit Agarkar India Bowler 0.21
Venugopal Rao India Batsman 0.7
Ashok Dinda India Bowler 0.375
Umesh Yadav India Bowler 0.75
Matthew Scott Wade Australia Batsman 0.1
Andrew McDonald Australia All rounder 0.08
Roelof van der Merw RSA Bowler 0.05
Travis Birt Australia Bowler 0.02
Colin Ingram RSA Batsman 0.1
Robert Frylinck RSA Bowler 0.02
Virendra Sehwag India Batsman 1.8
Kings XI Punjab – Balance Left 2.055 Mil $
Adam Gilchrist Australia Wk/Batsman 0.9
Shaun Marsh Australia Batsman 0.4
David Hussey Australia Batsman 1.4
Ryan Harris Australia Bowler 0.325
Stuart Broad England All rounder 0.4
Dinesh Karthik India Wk/Batsman 0.9
Abhishek Nayar India All rounder 0.8
Praveen Kumar India Bowler 0.8
Piyush Chawla India Bowler 0.9
Dimitri Mascarenhas England All rounder 0.1
Nathan Rimmington Australia Bowler 0.02
Kochi Team – Balance Left 1.205 Mil $
Steven Smith Australia All rounder 0.2
Brad Hodge Australia Batsman 0.425
VVS Laxman India Batsman 0.4
Rudra Pratap Singh India Bowler 0.5
S Sreesanth India Bowler 0.9
Ravindra Jadeja India All rounder 0.95
Parthiv Patel India WK/Batsman 0.29
Ramesh Powar India Bowler 0.18
Brendon McCullum NZ Wk/Batsman 0.475
Mahela Jayawardene Sri Lanka Batsman 1.5
Muttiah Muralitharan Sri Lanka Bowler 1.1
Owais Shah England Batsman 0.2
Michael Klinger Australia Batsman 0.08
Thisara Perera Sri Lanka All rounder 0.08
Stephen O’Keefe Australia Bowler 0.02
Ranganath Vinay Kumar India Bowler 0.475
John Hastings Australia Allrounder 0.02
Kolkata Knightriders -Balance Left 0.425 Mil $
Brad Haddin Australia Wk/Batsman 0.325
Brett Lee Australia Bowler 0.4
Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh All rounder 0.425
Eoin Morgan England Batsman 0.35
Yusuf Pathan India Batsman 2.1
Gautam Gambhir India Batsman 2.4
Manoj Tiwary India Batsman 0.475
Jacques Kallis RSA All rounder 1.1
Lakshmipathy Balaji India Bowler 0.5
Jaidev Unadkat India Bowler 0.25
James Pattison Australia Bowler 0.1
Ryan ten Doeschate Netherlands Batsman 0.15
Mumbai Indians –  Balance Left 0.28 Mil $
Andrew Symonds Australia All rounder 0.85
Rohit Sharma India Batsman 2
James Franklin NZ All rounder 0.1
David Johan Jacobs RSA Wk/Batsman 0.19
Clint McKay Australia Bowler 0.11
Munaf Patel India Bowler 0.7
Moises Henriques Australia All rounder 0.05
Aiden Blizzard Australia Batsman 0.02
Sachin Tendulkar India Batsman 1.8
Harbhajan Singh India Bowler 1.5
Keiron Pollard WI All rounder 0.9
Lasith Malinga Sri Lanka Bowler 0.5
Pune Sahara Warriors – Balance Left 0.93 Mil $
Tim Paine Australia Wk/Batsman 0.27
Callum Ferguson Australia Batsman 0.3
Yuvraj Singh India Batsman 1.8
Robin Uthappa India Batsman 2.1
Ashish Nehra India Bowler 0.85
Nathan McCullum NZ Bowler 0.1
Graeme Smith RSA Batsman 0.5
Angelo Mathews Sri Lanka All rounder 0.95
Mitchell Marsh Australia All rounder 0.29
Wayne Parnell RSA Bowler 0.16
Jerome Taylor WI Bowler 0.1
Murali Kartik India Bowler 0.4
Jesse Ryder NZ Batsman 0.15
Alfonso Thomas RSA Bowler 0.1
Rajasthan Royals –  Balance Left 0.605 Mil $
Paul Collingwood England Batsman 0.25
Rahul Dravid India Batsman 0.5
Ross Taylor NZ Batsman 1
Johan Botha RSA Bowler 0.95
Shaun Tait Australia Bowler 0.3
Pankaj Singh India Bowler 0.095
Shane Warne Australia Bowler 1.8
Shane Watson Australia All rounder 1.5
Total Spent 79.695

IPL 4 – Mega Auction – Round 1

IPL 4 Mega Auction  First Round was held on 8th January 2011 at Bangalore.

Post the first round here are the core of all the squads.

Bangalore Royal Challengers
Retained –  Virat Kohli
Round 1 – Cheteshwar Pujara Dirk Nannes Zaheer Khan Saurabh Tiwary  Daniel Vettori AB De Villiers Tillakaratne Dilshan

Chennai Superkings
Retained – M S Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Murali Vijay, Albie Morkel
Round 1 – Michael Hussey Doug Bollinger Wriddhiman Saha Ravichandran Ashwin Subramaniam Badrinath Dwayne Bravo

Deccan Chargers
Round 1 – Cameron White Kevin Pietersen Shikhar Dhawan Ishant Sharma Pragyan Ojha Amit Mishra JP Duminy Dale Steyn Kumar Sangakkara

Delhi Daredevils
Retained  –  Virendra Sehwag
Round 1 – James Hopes David Warner Aaron Finch Irfan Pathan Naman Ojha Morne Morkel

Kings XI Punjab
Round 1 – Adam Gilchrist Shaun Marsh David Hussey Ryan Harris Stuart Broad Dinesh Karthik Abhishek Nayar Praveen Kumar Piyush Chawla

Kochi Team
Round 1 – Steven Smith Brad Hodge VVS Laxman Rudra Pratap Singh S Sreesanth  Ravindra Jadeja Parthiv Patel Ramesh Powar Brendon McCullum Mahela Jayawardene Muttiah Muralitharan

Kolkata Knightriders
Round 1 – Brad  Haddin Brett Lee Shakib Al Hasan Eoin Morgan Yusuf Pathan Gautam Gambhir Manoj Tiwary Jacques Kallis

Mumbai Indians
Retained – Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, Lasith Malinga, Keiron Pollard
Round 1 – Andrew Symonds Rohit Sharma James Franklin David Johan Jacobs

Pune Sahara Warriors
Round 1 – Tim Paine Callum Ferguson Yuvraj Singh Robin Uthappa Ashish Nehra Nathan  McCullum Graeme Smith Angelo Mathews

Rajasthan Royals
Retained – Shane Warne, Shane Watson
Round 1 – Paul Collingwood Rahul Dravid Ross Taylor Johan Botha

2nd Round of auction will be held on 9th January 2011.