Cars 2 Trailer – The film I am eagerly awaiting

I am a die-hard fan of most Disney-Pixar movies beginning from Toy Story and Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. and last years’s Up. But one film which I consider closest to me is ‘Cars’. It is THE favorite movie of not only me but even my full family and we have watched it at least 40-50 times!! Yes its true. We know the story frame-by-frame. The characters of Lightening Mcqueen and Mater are two of my all time favorite characters.

When plans to create a sequel to Cars was announced few years back, I was bit sceptical to be honest. I was worried about Pixar creating a sequel for the sake of it and perhaps ruining the characters. I considered the original Cars movie as PERFECT and I could not imagine how they could imrpove upon it and better it.

I have seen teasers for the sequel to be rleased in June 2011 and today saw the first trailer where the plot is expanded to cover the entire world and there is a spy mystery angle thrown in it. There are new characters and cars and good old Mcqueen and Mater. Going by the promo it looks that all my worries about the sequel will not be true and it would turn out to be even greater film then the original. Fingers crossed.

Till then.. watch the trailer of Cars 2


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