Books I Read – The Girl who Played with Fire

The Girl who Played with Fire is the 2nd in the Millenium Trilogy of books written by Swedish Author Stieg Larsson.  The 2nd book begins almost a year after the first one finishes. It continues with life of Lisbeth Salander, who is not a billionaire but still elusive computer hacker living life on her own terms and journalist Mikeal Blomkvist running his monthly news magazine Millenium along with his partner Erika Berger.

The 2nd book of the series begins with re-establishing the anti-social behavior of Lisbeth and what she has been doing all the time and how she grew up to be like what she is. It also explores into her past, her parents and her childhood.  The book is about murder of 2 journalists, who were to expose sex trafficking related crimes and involvement of policemen, politicians and other influential people in the whole racket. Lisbeth gets embroiled in the murders and is on the run from the authorities, from Mikeal and from even her own self. The book acts initially as a murder mystery and then eventually becoming the saga of Lisbeth Salander.

The 2nd book ends on a quite serious note and the 3rd and final book of the series begins right after the end of 2nd one. Thus this book is far more related to the trilogy than the 1st book which mainly established the lead characters.

This book was more fun reading than the first book somehow although many a times it went to the predictable category. There certainly is lot more ‘coffee’ drinking in the book just like the first one. It does leave the reader hooked to the book and makes you read the 3rd part immediately after you finish this one.

Character of Lisbeth Salander is becoming more and more interesting and one wonders to see how the author would end it in the 3rd part or will he?

My Ratings : 8/10 –  You HAVE to read.

2 thoughts on “Books I Read – The Girl who Played with Fire

  1. Ah! You finally put up your review. So did I on my blog just last week. I agree with your rating. Have you started the third one yet?

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