Inglorious Basterds – Oh what a film !!!

‘ Inglorious Basterds‘  –  film by Quentin Tarantino is an awesome film. I happened to see it almost a year after its release but now I regret why I didn’t see it earlier.

Its a World war II,  fictional drama set in Nazi occupied France in 1944. A group of American Jewish soldiers decide to kill Nazis and plot to kill top Nazi leaders including Hitler. They mercilessly gun down and shoot Nazis they capture. They are led by Lt. Aldo Raine, played superbly by Brad Pitt. They call themselves ‘The Basterds’.

There is another plot by Shoshaana Dreyfuss played by Melanie Laurent, Jewish owner of Cinema house to kill hundreds of Nazis along with its top leaders by burning down the movie hall with Nazis trapped inside it.

The 2 plots unknowingly merge and what we see is an example of brilliant fictional cinema at its best when the plots succeed in a way we never imagined.

The actors play their parts perfectly well especially Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz who plays menacing Col. Hans Landa.  Diane Kruger also does well in her role as German actress Bridget von Hammersmark.Eli Roth is good as Sgt. Donny Donowitz.

The film is slightly slowish but it keeps you hooked and there is not a dull moment. Long scenes and violence are trademark of Quention Tarantino and this is certainly a masterpiece from the ‘ original new age director’. More than half the dialogues in film are in French or German and some Italian too,  but the subtitles help to understand the going ons easily. The movie has wonderful background score as well including the opening credits music. The movie took a long time in making but it was certainly an effort well done.

The movie has been received well at the box office and even at various film festivals and generally appreciated by the critics as well.

My Ratings : 8.5/10 –  Its a must watch for lovers of Good cinema.

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