Toy Story 3 – Most Amazing Movie of the Year

Toy Story 3 is the most amazing movie of the year. The above line should be sufficient for one and sundry to rush to their nearest movie hall and catch the best movie to come out of Pixar studios. The name Pixar never disappoints and when they started with the first part of Toy Story more than 15 years back, people were amazed at the creativity, the animation skills, the wizardry of the artists etc. People continue to get amazed at all those things even now, with every new Pixar release.

Toy Story 3 continues from where the first 2 part were, but after a time-leap of few years. Andy, the original kid-owner of all the lovely toys has grown up and is movie to college and he decides to store the toys in his attic but the toys end up somehow at the local day-care center where they are played violently by young toddlers and bossed upon by an devilish  teddy bear and they all decide to escape to go back to be with Andy. The entire film is a big long adventure and you are nothing but in awe of all the wonderful characters, toys, settings, animations. Everything almost feels real and Woody and Buzz are as good as real life Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who have given voice-overs to these toys right from the original movies.

Apart from the mind blowing animation, what Pixar does best is create wonderful stories. Stories that touch your heart and feels right out of your own childhood. Every kid has gone through with his toys what Andy goes through in the movie. The ending scene when Andy plays with his toys for the last time is heart-touching.

The movie is not only for the kids but also the kid within every Adult. It gets my vote for the best movie of the year in any language. Do Not miss it for anything in the world.

P.S. Do not miss the wonderfully created short film ‘Day and Night’ right at the beginning by the good folks at Pixar and do not miss the end credits of the movie, simply hilarious.

My Ratings: 10/10 –  Rush to the theaters and catch this movie.


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