FIFA 2010 Predictions – Updated After 1st Round

First round matches of FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup is over and last 16 have been decided. The last 16 features 6 European Teams, All 5 South American Teams, 2 Asians, 1 African and 2 North American Teams.
Going by the Draw we have Uruguay Vs. Korea and USA vs. Ghana – 1 out of these 4  will be in the semifinals. My bet is on Uruguay going through and USA could pull up a surprise. In the next quarter of the draw we have Holland taking on Slovakia and Brazil playing Chile. Brazil and Holland can have an exciting quarter finals and on current form Brazil would be the 2nd semifinalist.
The next half of draw features Argentina taking on Mexico and Germany invading England. One out of these 4 would make it through to the semifinals and my personal bet is on Argentina to do so. In the final quarter of the draw, Spain takes on Portugal and Japan meets Paraguay. Spain should go through the semis unless Crisitinao Ronaldo has other plans.
Thus my 4 semi finalists would be Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Spain. This differs from my original picks as I had picked France in place of Uruguay but the French have been disappointing. Here are my Original Picks

Lets see if teams like Holland, England, Germany or Portugal can pull up any surprises or not.

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