The Informant! – Good DVD Watch

The Informant! is a brilliant little dark comedy by Steven Soderbergh starring Matt Damon in the central role.

Matt Damon, known for his roles as super agent Jason Bourne in the Bourne series of movies, put on 30 pounds and wore weird looking wig for the role of Mark Whitacre, who decides to become an FBI informant against his own company ADM who used to fix prices of Lysine, an important component of our daily food. He gathers evidence by taping and recording secret meetings of company’s senior executives, including himself along with their international competitors for fixing price and volume of their production. Mark is secretly hoping to turn in his seniors and become the CEO of company while also doing a fraud and siphoning money in his swiss bank accounts. His lies catch up with him in the end and inspite of him making all sorts of accusations and telling far fetched stories, he is sentenced to prison for 9 years.

The film is based on true events and Matt Damon and the director have done a tremendous job in developing the little news articles into this film. Matt Damon has lived the character and you cannot imagine the film without him. Director Soderbergh has delivered many good films in past and some duds too but this one is right there amongst one of his good one and deserves to be seen. Transformation in Matt Damon is amazing and rather a brave job by a leading star of Hollywood to undergo such a drastic change in look and image for the  role. All kudos to him.

My Ratings:  7.5/10 Do Watch it for brilliant Matt Damon


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