Books I Read – Dork, The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Verghese

Robin ‘Einstein’ Verghese is a typical engineering and management graduate out of  a premier management college and landing a high paying  management consulting job in a high-profile MNC firm. The story is about him, his adventures in Dufresne Partners, his love life with Gauri, his colleagues and mad mad world of management consultancy told to us via his diary, which he regularly updates.

The story is about why he is the DORK ,  and called ‘Einstein’ by people who know him. How he stumbles from one problem to another or one silly situation to other and how he copes with each of them in his own duffer ways. He is the book version of ‘Mr. Bean’ only setup in real life Indian business management consultancy situations. The story is also about today’s generation who get into a career for a career’s sake.

The book in parts is hilarious and you really feel good for the guy at times depending upon the situation. Of course not all incidents sound true  but one does need to use exaggeration to pull out laughter at times. The book is a good weekend read, although I didn’t want to finish it too soon and wanted to remain in Einstein’s world for long. The good news is that the author Sidin Vadukut is planning a trilogy of the series and would soon be out with next 2 books.

Definitely recommended for all lovers of satire and humor.

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